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  • Torco Brake Cleaner

    Torco Brake Cleaner

    Brake & Contact Cleaner is a quick-drying solvent that effectively removes all traces of dirt, dust, brake fluids, oils and grease from many mechanical surfaces. This product effectively...

  • Torco Limited Slip Additive

    Torco Limited Slip Additive

    Torco Limited Slip Additives are formulated for use in limited-slip and posi-traction differentials to reduce hypoid gear noise and chatter. The formulation of Torco Limited Slip Additives modify...

  • Torco Moto-Prep

    Torco Moto-Prep Protective Coating Spray

    Moto-Prep is ideal for restoring and reviving dull, faded surfaces to a dry, shiny finish. Formulated for use on painted, plastic, fiberglass and metal surfaces, Moto-Prep provides a long lasting...

  • Torco MPZ EAL

    Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube

    MPZ Engine Assembly Lube is favored by professional mechanics for assembling many internal mechanical components including wrist pins, pistons, bushings, plain bearings, ball bearings, roller...

  • Torco MPZ EAL-HP

    Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP

    MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is favored by professional mechanics for assembling valvetrain components. MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is a heavier version of MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, featuring higher...

  • Torco MFR

    Torco MPZ Engine Friction Reducer

    MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer is the same race proven, friction reducing technology in every Torco "Professional Series" motor oil. MPZ MFR is a key component to reducing frictional losses, and when...

  • Torco MPZ O2

    Torco MPZ O2 Engine Oil Additive

    Torco SR-1 Oil Treatment is formulated with Generation II MPZ. Generation II MPZ is a proprietary additive system engineered to provide anti-wear and friction fighting chemistry necessary to protect...

  • Torco MPZ Spray Lube

    Torco MPZ Spray Lube

    MPZ Spray Lube is a complete engine and mechanical component assembly lubricant in an easy application aerosol. Derived from the success of our MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, MPZ Spray Lube is a...