Gift Registry

Thanks to our customers another brilliant idea, The CSS Gift Registry!

Tired of trying to figure out the perfect gift for your loved ones?  Wanting to drop a hint but it's too technical and not easy to figure out?  Don't want to give a gift card, and want to wrap a gift?

Have them fill out a CSS Gift Registry! The CSS Gift Registry is perfect for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings! 

You can send the completed form to, mail or bring your completed from to us at 3845 NW 10th St., OKC, OK 73107. Already at the store? Ask for a CSS Gift Registry form to take with you to complete. Need help getting the part numbers? Stop by or give us a call. We will be happy to help you. Click the "GIFT REGISTRY FORM" link below and let your wish list begin.

As always we appreciate each and everyone of you!

Remember you are responsible to keep track of your registry updates. All part numbers must be manufacturer part numbers and it is your responsibility to provide the correct part numbers. Info provided will be shared with customers looking to purchase gifts for you. All prices subject to change without notice. Please refer to web store at for payments,returns,shipping,warranty and all other terms & conditions.

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE  >> Gift Registry Form <<