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Felicia Smith is the driver of 4 Door Rocket, a 2010 CTS-V, full interior “street car.” She has a passion for racing & has been racing since 2014. She graduated from Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa with an associate’s degree in NDT. She is the President for the Oklahoma Chapter of the V Club & has competed in road courses, no prep, eighth & quarter mile drag racing, as well as drag & drive events.

Her crew chief & husband Aaron Smith & herself have completely built 4 Door Rocket in their garage. They did not come from racing families, but that never cancels out their drive and passion for the sport. In 2020 a lot of events were cancelled; this did not stop the 4 Door Rocket team. They traveled to 3 different states & took the car from a 9.67 in the quarter mile to an 8.97. 

Felicia is a big part of her automotive community. She continues to give back to the community & supports women in racing. Check out what the 4 Door Rocket team is currently doing on their social media page(s).






Jayce Andrade

Jayce Andrade is John Andrade Sr.’s youngest son. Surrounded by a family that was turning wrenches, Jayce followed suit with his own addiction to going fast. You may know him from when he had his white fox body “Yeti.”

The first car Jayce got and drove was his 1971 Cutlass “Pat.” At the time he was 10, and by the time he was 11, Jayce and his dad were out driving it down back roads. Jayce’s fist real race was when he was 15, with a learners permit, at the Small Town Weekend drag races in El Reno.

From there, Jayce continued progressing and trying to go faster. He still has Pat and brings it out pretty often. Jayce also now has a 1970 El Camino, “El Cabron.” One thing about Jayce is his builds are ever changing but they can all be followed on his YouTube channel Andrade Racing, where he films everything from building the cars to the events he races at!






Jason Cantu is the owner and driver of a twin turbo bed mount BBC S10, with engine management by Haltech, from south Texas. Jason enters his truck, "La Vicktoria" in small tire and tailgate races all over the country. Jason is a mechanic by day so his love for racing and drive to make this truck do work fits right in to his life. 

La Vicktoria is widely known and speaks for itself each time Jason makes a pass. Jason is backed by a supportive family including his wife, Jessica, who is at any event that she is able to attend! 

Being from Brownsville, TX, the race season doesn't stop for Jason. You can keep up with where Jason and La Vicktoria will be by checking out his social media(s)!




John Andrade Sr. is the Regional Manager of Oklahoma for AEG Petroleum. He sells all major lubricants and fuel along with Renegade Racing fuels! He is also the Regional Manager of Team Andrade Racing. Most people call him Senior and they know Jr. has The Cutty. The Andrade's are a racing family. Jayce, John Jr., Matt, and Senior all race and Senior's grandson, Tyler, also has a '69 Olds Cutlass. He and Senior built the motor in it! Senior drives a 1992 Ford Mustang with a 6.0 LS single turbo. He runs it in small tire heads up classes and he also has a 1971 Olds 442 single turbo, Olds powered! Andrade Racing builds race engines for all of their own vehicles and their friends and race family! One of Senior's favorite quotes is "If this was easy, everyone would do it!" Jayce has started a YouTube channel (@andraderacing) and they film for that and have a blast doing it and Senior is the star for the channel! The Andrade's love to meet fans and visit and help them with their builds and problems when they can. They love the racing community and people, if you see them come talk with them! Senior found himself in many finals in 2022 and is planning on winning in 2023! One of his other quotes is "I hate losing more than I like winning!" Keep up with Senior and the Andrade's on their social media (s)!


Aaron Smith is the driver of a 2008 quad cab GMC Denali 1500. It is a “street truck” with full interior that he currently daily drives. It is a 6.2 stock block with forged crank, rods & pistons. It has LSA heads max ported by Frankenstein with a Magnuson Gen 1 2650 by BoostDistrict. A DeatschWerks In-Tank 400 & 450 fuel pump & a Circle D stage 4 trans. Aaron went to college at Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa & discovered he had a passion for racing. This passion moved quickly starting out with bikes & has escalated to trailer burn outs during drag & drive events.

He & his wife Felicia are both dedicated to racing & continue to give back to the racing community. Aaron continues to reach his automotive goals with his Denali, while also helping his wife turn wrenches on the CTSV.  Check out what the Denali & Aaron are up to on their social media page(s).



Matt Rowe is the driver of a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500, known to the local race world as WhiteBread. It is a daily-driver “Work Truck” with full original interior, AC & roll cage. The build includes a 4.8L LS stock short block with many stock components. His upgrades include crank, rods, pistons, 706 heads, intake, and CalTrac suspension with a Positrac rear end. WhiteBread is equipped with DeatschWerks injectors & fuel pumps. His setup includes a single turbo on 20lbs of boost and can run on E85, 91 or Ignite Red with tuning by Tuned by JP. 

Matt has 26yrs experience working on industrial diesel engines & has an unparalleled knowledge and affinity for turbo-driven horsepower. He has improved this truck’s ¼ mile time from 17.34s to 10.80s in less than 12months. What started out as fun weekends at the local track Thunder Valley Raceway, has morphed into attending Drag and Drive events within OK and across the US. Matt & his wife Shannon are both extremely dedicated to their racing family & continue to give back to their community through charitable donations & volunteer hours at sponsored events. Matt continues to set new speed goals with his Silverado, while also designing future engine builds & modifications for his personal truck collection and 4Strokes LLC customers. Check out what Matt & WhiteBread are up to on their social media page(s).



Richard Burns was born and raised in Irving, Texas and relocated to the Oklahoma City area back in the late 90’s. He has always had a passion for cars and drag racing and he spent a lot of time at various drag strips around Texas in his early years.

Richard currently owns 3 cars. A 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am build #268, a 2001 WS6 Trans Am, and a 2002 Firehawk build #841. Richard loves going to local car shows, car cruises, and drag strips. And he usually takes his camera gear along with him.

Richard truly enjoys capturing moments in time to be able to share with others. He enjoys meeting new people, hearing their car stories, and being able to share a love for automobiles. Be sure to follow his social media page(s)!





Derek Reed was born and raised in the OKC/Moore area. His father raced the AHRA/NHRA circuit until the mid-80s which shaped his young mind into being a drag race enthusiast. At 16 years old, he and his father bought a 1968 Camaro for Derek’s first car and together they restored it. With help from a few friends through the years, they have kept it maintained and drivable and his love for racing was born.

Due to no thoughts of moderation in his sports playing days, Derek ended up having a total knee replacement at 42 years of age. With a desire to find an expensive hobby to keep his time and money occupied while getting paid with smiles, Derek decided to pick up a camera. Taking photos of anything from landscapes to surfing to concerts and, of course, drag racing.

Derek is always looking for different things to shoot and people to meet. “Although, I don’t always remember everyone’s name, I enjoy the conversation.” So be sure to say hi or ask Derek about his work if you see him at any event near you! Follow along with where Derek will be by checking out his social media page(s)!