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Battery Cable

  • Battery Cable- Red
Battery Cable

    1/0 gauge OFC power cable - 50 foot spool - Red

    Mechman Pure Copper OFC 1/0 AWG (Zero gauge) hyper flex cable offers excellent conductivity and flexibility at a great price. 4704 strands of pure copper inside a 15.8mm diameter soft touch PVC jacket make this a great cable to carry up to 400 amps at...

  • Battery Cable-Kit
Battery Cable

    Mechman 20 Foot Long 1/0 "Zero Gauge" Battery Cable kit

    Premium battery cable kits by Mechman Ultra flexible soft touch jacket for easy routing-4,700+ ultra fine strands for low resistance and excellent flexibility-True 1/0 gauge diameter cable- 250 amp rated-Includes (6) Heavy duty Set-Screw type "no crimp"...